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Home Delivery

In case the content of your order is in supply, then right at the day of your order we will give the package of your order to a member of the Sprinter courier service. You can always check our live supply at our page, you will find the supply information right under the price.

In case the above case, you will also get an email from Sprinter about the probable arrival of the package. Before handling you your order, the courier will call you up on your given mobile number to discuss details.

You will find the bill at the bottom of the package.

There is a small chance for it but the package could be damaged on its way to you. If you have that suspicion, please ask the courier to open up the package in your presence. If find out that your product is damaged after the unboxing, then you should do the following. You should file a report with the courier, so that we can validate a compensation demand to Sprinter.

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