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We only sell such products that – thanks to our decade of relevant experiences in the field – we would gladly recommend to you . Let it be any segment of lightning technology, you will find premium quality products on

Customers Say

A good deal for us is when YOU are satisfied with your order and our support. Come back to us soon and don't forget to tell your friends about your experiences!

Kádár Péter (32)

Huge supply, great prices, quick delivery, helpful, knowledgable team!

TENNER TAMÁS (NEW DUETT KFT.) Because everything works. The ordering, the delivery, the support. This is a great tresure these days!! We do not have to speak about the quality of their products. They offer high quality products of leading brands.


László and István's team are our main lighting product supplier for years. Their expert support gave momentum to our work in countless situations. I whole-heartedly recommend them!

Ravasz Péter They are the best for me. Punctuality, quickness, quality. You can count on it. The guarantees are not hype only, it really works!

Lubrincz Erik Helpful Staff, quick replies, quality products! In guarantee cases, they do everything to satisfy the customers! They deliver in stock products within 1 workday.

Gergácz Roland (Polluxled Kft.) It was important for me to connect with partners that do not supply low or dubious quality products but only with lighting products of respected manufacturers.

You Can Trust Us !

Since its start in 2012,, the legal predecessor of Lumenet, had serviced more than 50 000 online orders. You will see that our service standards match what you should expect based on the accolades and awards below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want it to buy our products in place?

Visit us at our premium lighting technology webshop! Our experienced shopkeepers will help you and you can try out or hundreds of products.

Do I have to order my product before I buy it?

It is not necessary but we advise you that to claim those products that you really need with an online order. Although we have more than 10000 products ready for buying at our shop but we sell our products in many countries in real time, so it can happen that we sell a product that you saw a minute ago on the site.

But if beforehand you order the product online, our staff will save it for you and prepare it for purchase. We will send a text message about when you can come to the shop and take it. Of course in our shop you can modify your order, depending on the actual supply.

Can you tell me about your opening schedule?
Our Lighting Technology webshop is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM


Where can I find the shop?

Our shop is in Budapest at the corner of Fogarasi út and Mexikói út in the XIV. District. The building is known as the Elektroprofi Office Building and the shop is at the ground floor. The Front door is from the street front. Our address is 1148 Budapest Fogarasi út 2-6

Do you provide parking place for customers?
Yes, we do. You have to ring at crossing gate that is next to the shopfront and tell the gatekeeper that you have come to Lumenet. At the right of the crossing gate (at the building’s wall) there are three parking places. We kindly ask you Not to use the other parking places, those are reserved for the paying customers of other companies. During the time of your purchase, you can use our parking place for free.

If we do not have an open parking place, after the crossing gate, you can use the boardwalk for parking for free. Please mind that it is forbidden to park your car on the other side of the road.

Can I check out products in the shop?
Yes, you can, in our showroom you can try out more than 100 products, furthermore, all of our products are here in supply that you can see on our online supply.

Can you give an offer for bigger project works?
Yes, we can. As direct partner of the biggest lighting technology manufacturers, we can give you a very favourable unique offer when you need products in hundreds or a thousand. In this case, please visit us in our shop, our staff is ready to help you, or contact us here.

If I buy more, do I get a discount?
Yes! Our discount system is automatic, you only have to register and put the needed amount to the cart. As a registered customer, depending on the amount of the purchase, our system will automatically provide a discount.

Can I use the 5% discount that I get through my online credit card when I am buying through the offline shop?
No. The automatic online discount is available only through an online order. But you can give an online order through our safe shop computer and our staff will collect the needed products for you, if they are in supply.

Can I pay with credit card in the shop?
Yes, we accept every usual credit card, except AMEX.

As a registered customer, when I buy offline from the shop, can I use the automatic discounts that I gained through my online purchases?
No, because we cannot connect an offline purchase to your account. To use the discounts, you should beforehand purchase the product online.

Do I get the home guarantee if I buy offline, directly from the shop?
No. A purchase directly from the shop cannot be verified as belonging to a given account, thus we are not able to provide our premium home guarantee service. Of course we still provide our voluntary guarantee durations when you buy offline, but then you have to bring back the failed product yourself.

Do you have further questions?
Please, visit us in our shop or contact us here. Our staff is ready to help you

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