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Bigger the amount – better the prices. For Registered Customers, we offer reduced prices up from 30000 Fts total purchase.

At Lumenet, we offer you not only professional customer service but the best prices too. Because if you register at our site, when you purchase a bigger amount, we will give you immediate endprice reduction and – even better – if you had previous discounts, these count as well.

Registration is non-mandatory, we will never contact you without your permission. Only newsletter subscribers get offers and that one or two offers per month. We handle your personal data with privacy and if you ask at any time, we can delete them from our database.

You can check out further details of our Discount Policy after you registered.

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After logging in, you job is really simple. Put your wanted products to the cart and if the total amount is higher than 30000 Ft, you will get the order will be immediately reduced at the cart interface by the total order discount.
If you choose the Payment in Advance Method to get a further 2% discount or choose the Online Credit Card payment method, you will get a further 5% discount from the total amount of your actual order.

You can check out further details of our Discount Policy after you registered.

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