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30 Days Repayment Guarantee

We know what we sell, so we wholeheartedly give you guarantees that you hardly ever met before


For this product we will give you a 30 Day Repayment Guarantee


30 nap


If you are not satisfied with this product, for any reasons, all you have to do is to inform us by the form below. We will not ask for a Withdrawal Statement, as soon as the product will get back to us, we will transfer back the full purchase price within 8 days to a bank account of your choice. Did you purchase in the name of a company? No Problem! This repayment guarantee is offered for non-consumer companies until 200000 Ft total order amount. We can receive your 30 day repayment notice through ONLY THIS form below:



30 Day Repayment Notice



When you file this report, our staff will get in touch with you, usually by the day. Our Voluntary 30 Day Repayment Guarantee is only valid for products ordered from us. This fact is checked at every Guarantee notice. If the manufacturer code of the given product is not the same as the digitally reserved code of the product distributed by us, we reserve the right for the denial of the voluntary guarantee. In case you are in doubt about the guarantee period of a given product, our staff will gladly help you. Our Voluntary Repayment Guarantee is independent from the legally correct webshop's - such is Lumenet as well - mandatory 14 day customer withdrawal right.

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